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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by The Scorpion, Sep 18, 2020.

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  1. The Scorpion

    The Scorpion Team Leader Team Zoomumba

    Hi there Zoo Directors

    Do you like the gifts from this Bonus Code? We're always happy to know how you feel about these things.

    Thanks in advance.

    Cheers for now
    Your ZooMumba Team
  2. Alexsenior

    Alexsenior bp_phrase_Forum_Commander_of_the_Forum

    Hi Mr. Scorpion
    I am writing to inform you that the code you have published is "VlveLaFrance" ... The "i" of "Vive" is lowercase. Thanks for the great gifts.

  3. The Scorpion

    The Scorpion Team Leader Team Zoomumba

    oops! :oops:Thank you, Alex. I have amended it in the Announcement.

    I am pleased to read that you like the gifts xD

    Cheers for now
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  4. zoo_fun

    zoo_fun bp_phrase_Forum_Someday_Author

    I had just finished the event, so the bonus code was not that useful for me.
    But my gf is a beginner and she was really glad for the help, since her zoo is small and events are way harder for her.
    Her happiness is my happiness, so thanks very much for the bonus code :D:D:D
  5. The Scorpion

    The Scorpion Team Leader Team Zoomumba

    Hey there Zoo Fun

    I am sorry that the Bonus Code was not of much use to you, but I am delighted to read that your young lady was able to make use of those prizes.

    Thank you for for playing the game.

    Stay safe and well both of you.

    Cheers for now
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  6. Kallima

    Kallima bp_phrase_Forum_Greenhorn

    Hello! (wave)
    Even my little zoo was enriched by the gifts received! thank you so much!
    Also, assistants are always very welcome.:inlove:

    I look forward to the next event with impatience

    Thanks again(wave)
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  7. The Scorpion

    The Scorpion Team Leader Team Zoomumba

    Hi there Kallima

    It is really good to read that your liked the Event and the rewards.

    I am sure another Event will come our way soon.

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Stay safe and well

    Cheers for now
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