Feedback Halloween Boardgame Event: October/November 2019

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by danda-vnovis, Oct 16, 2019.

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  1. danda-vnovis

    danda-vnovis Board Administrator Team Zoomumba

    Hello Zoo Directors

    Do you have any feedback for us on this Event? Let us know. :)
    As always, we should be delighted to read your thoughts.

    Thank you

    Kind regards
    Your ZooMumba Team
  2. kiras

    kiras bp_phrase_Forum_Living_Forum_Legend

    It would be great to have new events, for which we are veterans, but for me any event is welcome.

    Undoubtedly for those who have been playing for a short time or those who failed to get all the animals, it will be wonderful.

    Enjoy it (chuckle)(chuckle)... thanks :inlove::inlove:
  3. fernandoamon

    fernandoamon bp_phrase_Forum_Apprentice

    I loved this halloween event. I had not participated the other time. You could always do this with other events (Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Birthday): make the old event animals available in the store for us to buy
  4. BAW815

    BAW815 bp_phrase_Forum_Count_Count

    I finally got my megabat pair, now if only they would breed. xD :cry: :rolleyes: (angel)

    It has been so long since this event originally ran that I forgot when it was. (chuckle)
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