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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by The Osprey, Nov 6, 2013.

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  1. The Osprey

    The Osprey User

    This thread is to help out those of you who are not sure how to invite friends.

    The idea of having friends here in ZooMumba is that we can go visit our friends' zoos to take a look at how they are getting on, or to get some inspiration for our own zoos - but always remember it is fun to design your zoo to your own personal taste. Not everybody's tastes are the same - Hey! that would be soooo boring.

    Also when you have a friend you are able to send a Personal Message - or PM - to that friend, rather than writing the message in the open forum. Do remember though that you are not allowed to use the PM for anything illegal or to insult or swear at anyone.

    So, how do you add a friend ?

    Firstly go down to the toolbar at the bottom of your playing page and click on the icon - marked with the RED arrow

    This will bring up a further icon with various smaller icons surrounding it - now click on the one that is signified with the BLUE arrow and you will open up your 'Friends Layer'

    The 4th tab along - the last one - is the one you need here

    Now on this layer you have the choice to add a friend by using their username or to invite a friend to play ZooMumba by sending a mesage to their e-mail address - do make sure you really know this person, you are NOT allowed to use this to send a message to someone you do not know.

    So to add a friend by using the username you have to click on the button marked with the RED arrow. This will open another layer

    Now you have to type in the username of the friend you want to invite. You must use their correct username - exactly as it appears including any numbers or symbols - BUT do be aware that a player's username may not be that name that you see in the forum. So please ask your prospective friend to tell you their correct username and be careful how you type it in - it must match exactly. Push the green tick - and Hey Presto! the invite is sent to your friend.

    Now your friend has to accept the invitation - and once this has happened you are confirmed friends and can go visit each other's zoos and use the PM.

    If someone has sent you an invite - then this will appear in the 'Received Invites' layer which is the 2nd tab in picture #2 above, Here you can see a list of who has sent you an invite. You can accept or decline the invite - the choice is yours - you just choose the green arrow or the red cross. You do NOT have to accept the invite just because it is sent to you.

    All your accepted friends are in your 'Friends' layer which is the 1st tab in picture #2 above. Here you can scroll through your friends and select whether you wish to go visit their zoo or to send them a PM.

    Good luck - and go find some friends.
  2. The Scorpion

    The Scorpion Team Leader Team Zoomumba

    The Invite Friends facility has been disabled.

    You can no longer invite friends, visit friend's Zoos nor send personal messages.


    Your ZooMumba team
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