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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by fefao25, Feb 4, 2020.

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  1. fefao25

    fefao25 Forum-Greenhorn

    Hey, guys.
    I played Zoo again yesterday, and I'm kind of scared.
    The game barely allows you to expand a lot of things without running to the zoo-dollars.
    I'm not saying that the game is boring or anything, quite the contrary, but I'm feeling things standing still,and it doesn't need big atts or new animals to make things come back.
    My ideas are.
    -Leave a big list of people who play the game for you to visit the zoo,watch and even see the kinds of "little markets" that are worth having.
    -make it easy to add friends and make it productive.
    For example: Entering a friends' zoo allows you to play and feed their animals, dropping items from events "for example".
    or Being able to pick up "Cash" from friends' markets without taking their share is clear.
    or lend animals for matings etc..
    One business that made me think very hard was,I used to play a lot of zoo and I have a lot of event animals in my inventory, but they are not complete.
    For example.
    I have a couple of black cats.
    But in the enclosure you need 3 couples.
    And if I could just get them to mate and have puppies
    put them in the nursery, grow and continue to develop the species.
    It would take time to get the 3 couples and the 3 puppies. But it would hold players longer.
    I also have the idea to increase more the money I get from the markets and the center, I practically spend 10k to feed my 4 zoos, and there is nothing left.
    Well those were the ideas, the game is still fantastic and I'm crazy to have marine animals (but it's hard), I love that game and I'll keep playing.
    Thanks for your attention
    I appreciate that.
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  2. fefao25

    fefao25 Forum-Greenhorn

    Sorry my English, Im study every day.
    Has in progress.
    Im from Brazil,u know.
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  3. Heïva

    Heïva Board Administrator Team Zoomumba

    Hi, Fefao (wave)

    If you need more money, you just have to put more stores.
    If you can play many times in a day, the best is animalSnacks wich costs only 150 PP and gives 50 PP each 1/2 hour. In three times, the shop is refunded.
    You have a lot of lost place on your zoo, where you can put stores.

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