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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by pikachu9, Sep 22, 2019.

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    I know that the team doesn't want to make a mobile version of the game because it'd end up being too heavy, but i really think you guys should try. Not a lot of people play browser games anymore, specially not ones like Zoomumba where you have to create an account and stuff. They play either on a console, on a PC game launcher like Steam or on their phones, and between the three, i think it'd fit the best on phones.
    IDK what exactly makes the game so heavy, but i'd just remove anything that's not very necessary, even if it means having to sacrifice some of the game's charm. Some of the animal's animations and sound effects, for example. There are also a few animals that look more realistic than others, maybe if they had a more cartoony look it'd take up less space? IDK, i'm not a game developer, but i used to love this game as a kid and it makes me kinda sad that it's not nearly as popular nowadays.
    There aren't any fun zoo simulators on mobile. There are some fun games, like Rodeo Stampede and Disco Zoo, that have a zoo as the game's setting, but i wouldn't call them"zoo simulators".
    I'm sorry if you guys already get a lot of requests to port the game to mobile, i just want to have fun with it again :/

    Also, this is kinda meaningless compared to the suggestions i just made, but it has bothered me ever since i was a kid: please change how the sloth looks. It has nothing to do with the real animal.

    Edit: Actually, i guess it could do well on Steam or other PC launcher too, i'd just be afraid of the game getting review bombed by elitist gamers who hate anything casual.
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