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  1. The Scorpion

    The Scorpion Team Leader Team Zoomumba

    Flash player setup in Mozilla Firefox

    Step 1:

    Click on the 3 bars icon on the upper right side to get to the browser settings.


    Step 2:

    Select AddOns in the menu to open the AddOns overview. Alternatively, you can get there by entering “about:addons” (without quotation marks) in the address bar or using the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+A.


    Step 3:

    Look for “Shockwave Flash” within the installed plugins. You may scroll down a bit to find it in case you have a couple of plugins installed.


    In case that you do not find the plugin it is likely that it is not yet installed. Before moving on with step 4 you need to install the plugin. Here you get to the download:

    Step 4:

    Click on the 3 dots icon of the “Shockwave Flash“ plugin


    and open the options to check whether the check mark is set to block dangerous and intrusive Flash content. If the box is not checked we recommend you to set a check mark for security reasons.


    Step 5:

    Click again on the 3 dots icon of the plugin and select “Ask to Activate”.


    Of course, you could also select “Always Activate” but this is not recommended. Furthermore, the Firefox browser saves the decision if Flash is allowed to be used on a website or not if set up correctly.

    Step 6:

    Open the ZooMumba website and click on the brick icon on the left side of the address bar to get to the website’s plugin settings.


    Step 7:

    Now you can decide whether the Flash player will be allowed for this session only or if you want to allow it for ZooMumba without being asked again (if you decide for the latter do not forget to check the box).


    Step 8:

    Enjoy playing ZooMumba.
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