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Dear forum reader!

If you want to get actively involved in the Forum and participate in the discussions, or want to start your own thread or topic, you will have to log into the game first. We are looking forward to your next visit in our Forum! Please be sure to register if you do not own a game account. CLICK HERE
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    danda-vnovis Board Administrator Team Zoomumba

    For a user to receive a newsletter a few things are essential:

    • Under all circumstances the email provided at the registration needs to be confirmed (see Picture 1) and the user need to accept to receive game information
    pic_1.jpg picture 1
    • When you have confirmed your email address you will get a confirmation, so you know everything is correct (see Picture 2)
    pic_2.jpg picture 2
    • Accepting to receive game information can either be done upon signing up by accepting to “Receive game information” (see Picture 3) or at any time by entering the game settings. (see Picture 4)
    picture 3

    pic_4.jpg picture 4
    • In the game settings you can select the settings for newsletter here (see Picture 5) and then choice to accepts receiving newsletter (see Picture 6)
    picture 5

    picture 6

    To sum up the main reasons why a user didn’t receive Newsletter:
    • The email address has not been confirmed by the user after registering the game-account.
    • User did not agree to receive game information (Newsletter) which looks like this (see Picture 7)
    • Mailbox is full (Quota exceeded)
    • Email address doesn’t exist / is not active anymore
    • You have reported in the past the emails from Bigpoint as being Junk / Spam
    • Remember to check your Spam / Junk area – maybe the email landed there
    • Particular emails with a so-called role based or reserved email addresses cannot receive email as they are blocked by the system we use to send newsletter. This is emails which entails the prefixes such as admin@; privacy@; postmaster@ You can find the full list here:
    • Some local mail providers would try to protect their customers from possible Spam, not allowing any kind of advertising via email. If you fulfilled all above conditions and you still do not get our newsletters, please get in touch with our customer service.
    picture 7

    Hope this will help you set your newsletter correctly.
    Have fun with Zoomumba
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