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  1. 123321

    123321 bp_phrase_Forum_Active_Author

    Hello guys! In this thread we are going to add all the tricks or methods we used during our growth of our zoos! If you have any idea or question about the game, currency, way to earn different currencies, please feel free to ask or maybe give other advices!!! We are open to any kind of ideas, but please, they have to be worthy!

    Make everything clear to everybody so everyone will understand. Please put only topic comments❤

    Please keep everything clean!

    If you want to add any idea, please note at the top of it with big letters of a different colour just like that:

    Before you ask anything, let us have some posts where we are going to talk about earning different currencies in the game!

    Cheers for now
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  2. 123321

    123321 bp_phrase_Forum_Active_Author


    I guess many of us wanted to play when we were away from our computers or laptops or just wanted to sit in bed and still make some work around( personally I need it a lot, since while not in quarantine I move a lot or go to school) and 6 hours of not feeding does not sound good. So, to play on phone,

    Download Puffin

    It is a browser that works for playing zoomumba on phone.

    Please make sure your
    flash player is activated.(It might not work for any phone since the game is memory intensive and hard to roll even on the computer)

    Best regards
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  3. harryeljulio

    harryeljulio bp_phrase_Forum_Living_Forum_Legend

    It seems to me, although I do not have any statistics, that any action you do in kindergarten, on safari or in

    the hatchery, is always more favorable to you and gives you a better prize if the bar of the zoometer is complete. :D(chuckle)
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  4. kiras

    kiras bp_phrase_Forum_Living_Forum_Legend

    ZD - How to get them?

    Get them free with the game:

    - With the Zoo Band, which gives you 1 ZD every 24 hours. The Zoo Band is automatically delivered to players when they complete the fourth last puzzle, Platinum.

    - Leveling up, 3 ZD.

    - In the cinema, you can get 1 ZD per video viewed up to a maximum of three. Unfortunately it doesn't work due to lack of sponsors.

    - In daily tasks, but sporadically.

    - Feeding animals with Superfood, from time to time... I do not know if it also works with light food, can someone clarify it, please.

    - Medicating animals with Supermedicine, from time to time.

    These are the ways that I know, to get free ZD through the game.

    Until exactly X months ago, it was the way I had to get ZD, but now, apart from the previous ways that I have explained to you, I buy ZD.
    I should have done before, but has not so gone wrong.


    Get them by buying in the store with euros:

    I hope 100% Happy Hour! appears and I go to the zoo bank to the tab to buy zoodollars and I choose a package. That way I get twice what I buy.


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  5. The Scorpion

    The Scorpion Team Leader Team Zoomumba

    Yes, Kiras, the Zoo Band is automatically given to players when they complete the last, Platinum, Puzzle.

  6. kiras

    kiras bp_phrase_Forum_Living_Forum_Legend

    ZD - How to save as much as possible?

    It is important to know the economy of each player and what you are willing to spend. I talk about my experience in the years anteriore. But with today's experience, I would have acted differently... already they say it, the experience is a degree xDxD


    My number one priority is to get all the animals in the zoo and my priority number two is to level up.

    But when there is an event, my priority one is the event, why?
    Because events bring new animals, that you can only get them there or when the circus comes, the circus animals count 5 ZD and you don't always get the desired animal and the sex you need.
    Those animals and the other prizes (1 enclosures 30 ZD, 1 essences 5 DZ, shops, etc.), are worth ZD.
    My first mission in the event, is to be able to make the necessary turns, to be able to complete the enclosures with their animals.
    My second mission in the event, is to be able to do all the laps you can to get the rest of the prizes that are worth ZD... that way you save many ZD.

    How did I do it to get it?
    For many years, when I was at low levels and an event arrived, I would take pictures of my zoo, which at that time, I had them very pretty. Kept everything in the warehouse and and put a street from end to end, with shops on both sides of the street and and the rest of the space all full of enclosures one next to the other, with a macaw in each enclosure. It is the animal that you attend most quickly and so you get more items and manage to advance squares of the event.
    Over the weekend, when he could devote more time to the zoo, hired Sonia, the caretaker. In those days I didn't have practically ZD and the ones he got he kept and spent on those occasions.

    Maybe they think that it is a lot of work to dismantle the entire zoo and it really is, but I enjoyed putting everything back in the zoo.

    I am going to show you the enclosures that I got in my previous event

    [​IMG] ... that means that I managed to make 44 laps around the board and got lots of ZD items.

    I manage to do many laps and I pass the level so fast, because I have hired all the assistants... It is the best investment I have been able to make, you save a lot of time, in my case because I want to get to level 200 quickly and in 5 minutes, I have the entire zoo attended.
    My pity is not having done it before, I would have reached level 200 long ago.

    I'm looking forward to level 200 and spending hours thinking, on how to decorate and make a beautiful zoo for me.

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  7. kiras

    kiras bp_phrase_Forum_Living_Forum_Legend

    Thanks Mr. Scorpion :inlove::inlove:
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  8. 123321

    123321 bp_phrase_Forum_Active_Author

    [​IMG]How to make more pet pennies- for under level ~30 and over

    I guess we all had problems regarding pet pennies when our level was lower. Personally, I just struggled and did nothing.

    But you guys should take my advice:

    level 1-25/30: Have a place full of feeding stations, because their cost is 150 PP and thier income is 50 PP/30min, which means that in just 4 collects( 2 hours) you will have 50 PP profit.

    Just add as many as you can and see the money coming in8):inlove:

    level 25/30-unlimited: Start changing the basic feeding stations into event booths. Personally, I found them the most profitable, a lot better than the basic shops or even ZD shops, which are sometimes useless.
    For example, the Easter egg booth, available in this Easter event. It costs 750 PP and has an income of 600 PP/4 hours, which means that in 2 collects( 8 hours) you will already have 450 PP profit.
    Get as many as you can as well.

    Last but not least, keep your happiness bar as high as possible! That counts in the profit/ income of the main building.

    I will add a photo of the idea, hope you can see it!


    Picture added by Moderator
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  9. .tomas01.

    .tomas01. bp_phrase_Forum_Padavan

    Well, I do have some tips, mainly to save time, but may I warn you that sometimes the more you want to know the less you enjoy the little things.
    With this said, ley's go to some tips I have to give.
    • After breeding a baby, when you enter the game it is already decided if the baby will be born or if it is going to fail. With this I just want to say that doesn't matter having a healthy zoo or not - the zoo bar smiling;
    • The Wheel of Fortune works the same, after you spin the wheel, it doesn't matter letting it spin, your prize will be the same wether you speed it up or let it speen;
    • To get more attractiveness for your zoo, you can simple make through garbage in the office the different pathways you have available and combine them making regional areas in your zoo (this pathways give 1 attractiveness instead of the regular 0). It's relatively cheap and looks pretty;
    • You can simply save some Zoodollars and buy a couple of animals that are purchased through ZD, like scorpions and marmosets, and then you can breed them and grow the baby up in the nursering in order to fullfill tha habitat, and have the other variant species;
    • For the cinema, I'd suggest you to use VPN and select other regions other than yours to find some available videos and earn ZD. I used to do this before, but, somehow, now there is not a single video available (well, it could be the time I'm watching too
    • If you want to complete the puzzles to get the zooband, I'd suggest have more than 1 peacock full habitat because zoomumba does not have many animals that eat cereals (I put 4 males and females bc I don't like having the breeding available signal, but with babies they eat more cereals) - the same goes for the fish or fruit, depending on your zoo
    I can't remember any more tip now, if I do, I'll be adding here. But, firstly, I'd like to ask Scorpion if he finds my suggestions a bit too much or unacceptable to remove them because I do not know if all of them follows the new terms of condition.
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  10. The Scorpion

    The Scorpion Team Leader Team Zoomumba

    Hi Tomas

    As far as I am concerned your tips are valid and very helpful, thank you.

    I must agree with you about too much knowledge being given to you is not always a good thing. The fun of playing the game is to find out for yourself what works best for you. So that each player's Zoo is his or her own unique design filled with Habitats, Animals, Stores, Decorations and Pathways that you want and where you want them. If I said to you all, and you would probably take note as I am the Board Team Leader, you should have 'X' number of this Animal in these Habitats, with 'Y' numbers of this Store and 'Z' number of this Decoration all linked up using 'XX' Pathways - then everyone's Zoos would be more or less identical and to my design not yours. Where is the fun in that?

    Having said that, there is no harm in players trying to pass on a little knowledge and making suggestions - it is up to everyone if they decide whether or not to use the ideas or not.

    Keep up the good work everyone

  11. gleeful

    gleeful bp_phrase_Forum_Active_Author

    What a great thread, and one I will happily contribute to when I am more focused. I am a long-time player and have never spent a real dollar/pound in game. I have worked hard, and smart. Currently level 91 with more animals than I would care to count.

    My best tip for ZDs is the cash-for-action section of the zoobank - create an email address for this specific purpose and use flaky information (do not use your real name, address etc). Never give bank details. Submit surveys and other marketing exercises ... profit.
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  12. 123321

    123321 bp_phrase_Forum_Active_Author

    Thank you my dear friend! Thank you for supporting my and kiras' idea! We did it with the help of Mr. Scorpion!

    Thank you for supporting us!!! We are so happy to see new players posting in our thread!

    Please tell mw where are you from so I can use vpn and access the zd for action.Seems like it doesn't work in my region. You did anythig special in order to use it?

    Stay safe

    Cheers for now
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  13. 123321

    123321 bp_phrase_Forum_Active_Author

    Hello! I would like to give you guys an update on the PP farm, and I want to show you that in just 4 days I went over the million![​IMG]

    You guys might want to try my exemple![​IMG]


    Picture added by Moderator
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  14. orooro2012

    orooro2012 bp_phrase_Forum_Greenhorn

    I wanna know if one of you guys have a list of the most experience give animals and the most money give buildings.
  15. Heïva

    Heïva Board Administrator Team Zoomumba

    Hi, Orooro

    Why don't you look at the Faqs ?

    For stores, look

    You can find some animals
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  16. .tomas01.

    .tomas01. bp_phrase_Forum_Padavan

    For experience animals, I have this answer that I was given from kiras, it was very helpful at the time, hope it's this you're looking for
  17. orooro2012

    orooro2012 bp_phrase_Forum_Greenhorn

    Thanks bro, but the one of the animals did not work for me, but the other one was really helpful. If you could find the one that all animals's experience is listed i would really thank u
  18. kiras

    kiras bp_phrase_Forum_Living_Forum_Legend

    Hi Robert, look at what award I got in the tasks of the zoo, it is great!!! (party)(party)

  19. harryeljulio

    harryeljulio bp_phrase_Forum_Living_Forum_Legend

    Hello everyone!

    I think, at least that seems to me, that when you have several series of tasks completed, the prizes for achieving them are getting better, to the point that, when you have several or enough complete series in a row, there is some task that you rewards with zoodollars.
    What I am going to explain next, more than a trick, is really something that will help you do the “tasks” and complete many batches in a row.
    (Eye ... this instruction is only valid for food and water tasks. I do not recommend the one for pampering or affection because it is very easy, and the cleaning one does not take the same time taking the animals out of the store as it does from the warehouse. get profit)

    First look at the animals and enclosures you have in the zoo, and study the tasks you have to do. Pay special attention to the tasks in which you have to clean animals: those are the ones that take the longest, therefore, it is advisable that you start the tasks with one that you can do directly to have the animals exposed at that time in the first place. the zoo. Next, take the enclosures and animals out of the warehouse and prepare them to be loaded for the second or third task and that implicit cleaning actions are carried out. Pay attention to the actions of the tasks and the animals, and do not click on those actions that you need to complete tasks ... reserve them. Now go back to the first task, which is the one you are completing. And so on, until you already have all the animals that are involved in the tasks at the zoo. Now, you can save time on some actions, while you wait for the markers to be emptied again to click on the task again, and that's why I want to give you my experience.

    First, I will refer to enclosures where there are six animals: two couples and their young.

    When we have selected a task for a specific animal and it corresponds that its habitat is six members, so as not to wait and consume time from the task and gain minutes so that you can complete the five tasks, we can follow this instruction:
    1) Take the warehouse enclosure and place it in the zoo.

    2) Take two male animals out of the warehouse and put them, and then a female. Then vice versa, with another place, so that
    Then vice versa, with another place, so you don't accumulate just one genre. You will see that the marker for each action is complete.

    3) Now you go to the store and buy the missing animal (male or female) to complete the two pairs. And you will see how the marker has
    regressed and is no longer complete, and you can trigger the task.

    4) Repeat the operation until the task is completely completed.

    5) Buying only ONE animal, the task will be discounted FOUR times.

    6) If you do it the other way around and take out of the store first and after the warehouse, you don't get the same performance. And although
    the marker goes back a little, you cannot do the task.

    I hope you have understood me and have helped you. A greeting.

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  20. .tomas01.

    .tomas01. bp_phrase_Forum_Padavan

    Well, that was pretty clever, may I say, thank you for that, I wonder if I'll use it, I do not pay much attention to the tasks ever since they included ocean animals, I just complete the ones without ocean animals

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