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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by 123321, Apr 18, 2020.

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  1. .tomas01.

    .tomas01. bp_phrase_Forum_Padavan

    I just noticed that in the CINEMA, there are times when you get 2 ZooDollars (and I think I got 3 one time) per ticket. I have already figured it out. Just now, when the HAPPY HOUR is on, I earned 6 ZD in cinema.

    It happens: when the 100% more ZooDollars purchased timer is on.

    I don't know why we get some times 2 ZD per ticket in the cinema, but they're pretty often, may I say.
    If Scorpion happens to know, we're open for your share of information ahah and of course, if it's OK for you:)
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  2. The Scorpion

    The Scorpion Team Leader Team Zoomumba

    Hi Tomas

    I had no idea that this was the case and can offer no explanation for you.

    Just take advantage of it while you can, my friend.

    Stay safe.

    Cheers for now
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  3. Heïva

    Heïva Board Administrator Team Zoomumba

    For little zoos :

    Fill one of your zoos with enclosure containing 1 parrot (only one is enough). So you can take care of it more often and earn more rewards.
  4. .tomas01.

    .tomas01. bp_phrase_Forum_Padavan

    No problem (chuckle)
    You bet I will :music: And now others know that is common getting 2 ZD at cinema
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  5. angel4eto_pegasa

    angel4eto_pegasa bp_phrase_Forum_Someday_Author

    how to earn more special items from recycled waste (drinking water, rope, screw...) i very hard win these things how to earn more from them?
    I have only 8 cells in my ocean world and I want to have much more...

    I will say only for a sample at 15 - 20 waste processing ear 1 special item :(
  6. cori12

    cori12 bp_phrase_Forum_Greenhorn

    Well, the double earn in Cinema is odd for me. For years now I only get one answer at Cinema: ''Unfortunatelly. at the moment we have no video for you''. And I mean years ! How can one get 3 videos a day it is beyond me! Sometimes this game gets so frustrating.
    Oh, lvl 102, by the way, here.
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  7. .tomas01.

    .tomas01. bp_phrase_Forum_Padavan

    Like i said earlier, try using vpn to get some videos. I'd recommend germany, sometimes uk, switzerland, austria maybe, try these! And for the 2 ZD, i've noticed that only happens during Happy Hour, when 100% plus Zoodollars! Best of luck
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  8. cori12

    cori12 bp_phrase_Forum_Greenhorn

    Thanks a bunch, mate !
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  9. kiras

    kiras bp_phrase_Forum_Living_Forum_Legend

    Hi Angel4eto_pegasa,

    The only way to get these items is:

    - by manufacturing at the recycling plant


    You can use the super filter to increase the probability that you will be touched by a special item. Depending on the X that you recycle, the probability increases, but it is very difficult to touch, it has touched me on very few occasions.


    - buying a box in the store


    - or at events


    What I do is the following:
    First, I look at what enclosure I want, to know what elements I need to be able to manufacture it, for example:

    I will continue explaining ;);)
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  10. angel4eto_pegasa

    angel4eto_pegasa bp_phrase_Forum_Someday_Author

    as I think I put a special filter and nothing! I bought a filter but it did not give me special prizes
    I bought a filter but it did not give me special prizes
    I bought a filter but it did not give me special prizes
    as I think I put a special filter and nothing!
  11. The Scorpion

    The Scorpion Team Leader Team Zoomumba

    Hi there Angel

    Unfortunately, the Special Filter is no guarantee that you will get the Special Resource, but it does increase your chances.

    Good luck.

    Stay safe and well.

    Cheers for now
  12. pichoncines2809

    pichoncines2809 bp_phrase_Forum_Greenhorn

    [QUOTE = "kiras, post: 435579, member: 1610"] ZD - ¿Cómo conseguirlos?

    Consíguelos gratis con el juego:

    - Con Zoo Band , que te da 1 ZD cada 24 horas. Zoo Band se entrega automáticamente a los jugadores cuando completan el último último rompecabezas, Platinum.

    - Subir de nivel , 3 ZD.

    - En el cine , puede obtener 1 ZD por video visto hasta un máximo de tres. Lamentablemente no funciona debido a la falta de patrocinadores.

    - En tareas diarias , pero esporádicamente.

    - Alimentar animales con Superfood , de vez en cuando ... No sé si también funciona con alimentos ligeros, ¿alguien puede aclararlo, por favor?

    - Medicamentos animales con Supermedicina , de vez en cuando.

    Estas son las formas que conozco, para obtener ZD gratis a través del juego.

    Hasta hace exactamente X meses, era la forma en que tenía que obtener ZD, pero ahora, aparte de las formas anteriores que te he explicado, compro ZD.
    Debería haberlo hecho antes, pero no ha salido tan mal.


    Consíguelos comprando en la tienda con euros:

    Espero 100% Happy Hour! aparece y voy al banco del zoológico a la pestaña para comprar zoodólares y elijo un paquete. De esa manera obtengo el doble de lo que compro.


    como se consiguen los codigo bonos ?

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